Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Blood tests

Today my hubby and I both went for blood tests. I have never had any major tests done, so this should be interesting.

We did five tests: Vit D, HbA1C, insulin and glucose and HDL and Triglycerides. Should give us a good indication of what is going on with our health. The HbA1C is apparently quite important as it tells you how your blood sugar has been over three months, as opposed to just a once off test. And the ratio of HDL to Triglycerides is apparently also very telling in terms of cholesterol. We are going through a Banting-friendly doctor, but via a Banting Buddy - a coach who supports Banting.

Our results should be with us soon. Funny how, even though I reckon I am healthy and fine, I am still nervous waiting for results.

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