Saturday, December 5, 2015

Banting on R30 a day? Can it be done?

Banting is expensive, isn't it? I have complained about that because there ARE lots of expensive Banting foods out there! Nut butters, nuts, biltong, low-carb flours, seeds and some cheeses are pretty pricey! Even butter is more expensive than margarine, so for someone earning a limited salary, how the hell do they Bant? Cream is way more pricey than milk too, so there is another cost.

Well, the one thing I have noticed in my own shopping, now that we are (almost - my six year old son is sort of, but still eats carbs) Banting as a whole family is this: there are A LOT of things I don't buy any more. So I save on these items I am not constantly buying:

  • rusks (Ouma buttermilk to be exact)
  • bread (which is cheap, I know, and easy - a lot of people would struggle to give this up)
  • biscuits
  • fruit juice
  • Sprite Zero, Tab (I used to drink a lot of artificially sweetened drinks but finally, after a long road, and with Banting, I have given those up.)
  • fruit (just a few now, for my son)
  • pasta
  • oats
  • rice
  • breakfast cereals 
  • many snacky foods that we used to buy and eat because we were constantly hungry, and many small treat items that I used to keep to reward myself
  • instant packet meal sauces (those bolognaise ones, curry ones, etc)
In fact, I hardly buy much packaged food at all. So yes, the cost of individual items are more, but I think that we end up spending the same or less. Hake, haddock and livers are cheap and we now eat those. Also, we don't eat six small meals a day, only two or three. 

Look, we are on the beginning road of Banting. It's not like we have been Banting for years, so I don't know the true costs, but we also need to consider this: if Banting can prevent my hubby from going onto medication, there is another saving for us. 

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