Thursday, December 24, 2015

Can Banting make you calmer?

Can Banting actually make one calmer? It's one of the first things I reported in this post when I started Banting again. In fact, reading through that post again, now, makes me laugh a little. I said that I wasn't eating "that many carbs" and then I went to list a whole lotta foods that I was eating, which all included carbs - fruit, milk, yoghurt (this is pretty carby, as I have tested my blood sugar after eating a tub and it went up a fair bit) and popcorn, to name a few. I then mentioned my weakness, cake. Lol. Just goes to show myself that when I stop Banting, even though I don't go back to grains or oats, I end up, inadvertently consuming way more carbs than I realise.

Anyway, so back then (Oct 2015) I reported an almost immediate sense of calm once I started Banting. (And just to be clear, I started by including some fat, not a lot, as I eased off the carbs slowly. I moved slowly from carbs to fat, not overnight, as I didn't want to cramp or shock my body. So my sense of calm came from including fat, not necessarily reducing carbs to super low, at least, not initially.)

I am not a Buddhist but I love the philosophy of it, and I love feeling calm and centered. I am all for meditation, taking time out, and just being silent. So this wonderful Banting-induced sense of calm just fitted right in with my nature. I wondered if it was to do with the fact that I wasn't feeling that razor-edge type of hunger one gets with carbs, or if it was something about the fat fulfilling a lack in my body, but either way, I was calmly thrilled.

And that sense of calm has stayed with me pretty much since then. I no longer feel desperate to meditate, like I used to. I used to sometimes feel so anxious that if I didn't get ten minutes of silence in my day, my edges felt ragged. Not really anymore. Can this really be because of Banting? I often question that, because surely diet can't act upon one's mental well-being? Well, it seems maybe it can...

Because the other day, I was asking my hubby, who is Banting strictly for the first time in his life now since his diabetic diagnosis, whether he felt any better. Did he notice any changes for the better or, for that matter, the worse?

And one of the first things he said to me was that he feels calmer. I could not believe it. He reported exactly the same thing as me, and he had no idea that's what I felt, as I hadn't told him (I didn't want to sound kooky or spacey!)

He said that LCHF has taken the "edge off" his moods, he is less irritable, less aggressive. This is pretty amazing. He also reported that he sleeps better, and I reported back to him that his snoring has all but disappeared. (This effect of Banting could be REVOLUTIONARY for couples everywhere, lol!)

Studies have shown that people with low levels of cholesterol have an increased risk of suicide. I wonder if low-fat diets do the same? Who knows?

So no need to keep calm and Bant on, perhaps it's Bant on and keep calm?

I would love to know if you have experienced the same? And if there is any "science"behind this effect? Does fat calm the brain or is it just a wonderful side-effect of taking the edge off our hunger? What do you think?

PS: I created this poster, feel free to use it!

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