Thursday, December 10, 2015

Can you eat fat and get abs?

Surprisingly, the answer is...YES! I say that because, even though I am Banting, I didn't actually think it would be. I thought that Banting would make me healthier on the inside (my blood tests would be healthy in terms of insulin, blood sugar, triglycerides, HDL, etc, and it is!) but I never in a million years thought that I would get lean by Banting. (I thought I would maintain my weight only or even put on.) So even though I feel healthier Banting, I never thought it would lean me out like a low-fat (starvation) diet would. 

In fact I have been complaining for a while now about how "squishy" my tummy has felt, how I feel "soft" when I Bant, and I have sometimes wondered if this really is the right eating style for me. I have definitely had my doubts about Banting, no doubt about it, (ha ha) but all doubts were to do with the very, admittedly, vain area of how I would look whilst eating this way. I have never doubted the health benefits of Banting, because it just intuitively felt so right. It's such a natural way of eating. Our grannies and grandpa's would definitely have had full-cream diary, not skim...why would they dream of wasting the cream? They would have eaten the animal head to toe because it wouldn't have made sense to throw any part away. They would have used the animal fat for cooking and baking. They would have used the bones for broth...all of it. It just makes sense! 

But yes, I had reservations about what Banting would do to my body. I didn't know if I would be able to maintain a fit physique. And I have worked pretty hard for that - anyone who knows me knows I have spent HOURS in the gym...

(Nonetheless, I love self-experimenting to see if there is another way, and so I have given Banting three attempts. You can read a whole lot more about my Banting in older posts - just search for Banting on the left.) I am super happy to say that my abs have made a little comeback! (Just a word about the pics - I have no make-up on, just out the shower...these are NOT vanity pics. No photoshop...nothing. So please don't judge me when you look at them - they are home pics.) 



I don't have a "six-pack" but the vertical lines are there. My top blocks are showing a little. For a woman to get a six-pack is very, very hard, even in the gym world.





The best part? I didn't have to starve myself. (In the past, to get my abs to come out I have calorie-counted, weighed food and all those things...). This time, I've had ZERO hunger and this is what just naturally happened, in about six weeks, without me even trying. I wasn't even thinking about my abs lately because it's holidays, it's the festive season...not really the time to be dieting, or trying to get into shape, at least, not for me.

I am on such holiday mode that I have temporarily stopped gym! And yet, out came my abs. What a surprise. But this has answered a question I had (namely, can you Bant and get abs?), and proved to myself something that I was hoping would be possible - that abs could show with Banting without trying to diet.

  You see, I am pretty tired of the clean (gym) way of eating - and eating so strictly. I was just over it, which is what really prompted me to Bant in the first place.

So I am pretty thrilled with this. Seeing my abs has just turned out to be a very happy surprise.

This is pretty mind-blowing stuff, for me at least, because I am so interested in all this stuff. What this means for me, going forward, is that I can possibly eat this way and continue to weight train and possibly, even, get on stage and compete again! 

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