Monday, January 25, 2016

Carby fueled performance (sorry!)

I hate to admit it, but today I performed better at gym than I have in a while. Not that I was doing badly before, but today I just had that little extra vooma. The difference? Friday I had three (gasp!!!) Savannah's (apple ciders) with friends, and they contain a fair deal of sugar. Then on Saturday I had some mango with my son, and on Sunday I ate some beetroot and other veg. Small amounts of sugar on the weekend.

And so this morning, I could just feel my glycogen stores were full. I know it sounds wacky, but it's true. I had that little extra zing. It's what I often refer to as the "quick burst" energy.

So interestingly, even though I love low-carb, the truth is that some carbs certainly help with gym performance. And I didn't even consume many carbs, just those few over the weekend.

Just sharing this for interests' sake.

So I have to conclude that, for my own body, a few carbs are helpful if I am working out.

Oh, and also, since including minimal veg/fruit again, the runs I was experiencing on zero carb have stopped immediately.

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