Friday, January 8, 2016

It's notoriously difficult to get my son to eat low carb

I admit it. It's hard.

My child is SO addicted to carbs that I just haven't managed to get him off them. It's a real, constant battle. I always offer him something nutritious like eggs, steak, chicken and veg first, but often, very often, he resists.

Breakfasts are the worst. He is IN LOVE with Rice Krispies and milk. The good part is that he doesn't add sugar to it. It's just the plain puffed rice and milk. Plain Rice Krispies are not very sugary. Just empty rice calories that the manufacturer had to add vitamins and minerals to. But anyway. The reason I don't fight him on this is because it's the only breakfast he can "make"all by himself. He can pour the Rice Krispies and milk into his bowl all by himself.

However, our Banting journey has certainly encouraged him to try salmon, which he loves. Score! He also sort of eats stews - full of goodness. He has gone back to loving plain Greek yoghurt. He loves eggs. He loves steak and butter. And he adores creamed spinach and carrots dipped into cream cheese. So I am making some wins, and I don't fuss over the odd roll he eats here or the rice cakes he adores. He enjoys fruit a lot, and even though for a low-carber, fruit is seen as a treat, for a kid who is growing and active, I see no major problem with him having it.

I guess what I am trying to say is: I don't go out of my way to restrict my son. I am trying to guide him in making healthier choices and we celebrate with him when he does, but I won't lose sleep over the odd piece of cake or bread. I don't want to become an obsessed, nutty mother who has a kid that can't go to a kids party or visit a friend because his eating is so weird. I will keep the weird eating to myself thank you.

So yes, I do think sugar and wheat are way too prevalent in our modern society, but heck, I have to remember that I grew up eating those things, quite a lot of those things if I am honest, and whilst I may have been healthier without them, I turned out ok. I do have a major sugar addiction, I still melt at the sight of cake...sigh...but for the most part, I grew up just fine, and I know that my son will be just fine.

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