Monday, January 18, 2016

Two weeks....

Ok, I want to be serious about eating "clean" for two weeks. Funny, when I was following a gym diet, I also called it "clean eating", but this is not what I am meaning here. I am meaning clean zero-carb. By which I mean, just fatty meat and water. No caffeine either. No coffee...eeek.

Coffee is my one true love. But I am sure I can do without it for two weeks?

I will try my darndest.

Why do I want to do this crazy thing and give up the thing I love?

Well I want to see if I feel better, clearer, if my sinuses clear up, and I want to see if I can break the caffeine habit. Like I said before, I don't like being addicted to anything.

So for two weeks, I want to eat just fresh meat and fresh fish (nothing canned, spiced, or preserved) so no biltong and no bacon either. No cheese or dairy either.

I just want to see if I get to a healthier feeling or not.

If not, then I will carry on as usual. If I do, then I will add back in one food at a time.

I need a baseline. I am tired of feeling less than optimal. I want to bounce out of bed like my son does, with enthusiasm.

Low carb has given me a lot, and I am nowhere near as tired as I always was, but I know there is a small piece of the puzzle missing.

So, let me try this. This is not going to be easy.

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