Saturday, February 27, 2016

Health Eating for Kids

Here is a brief summary from the talk I gave at my child's school the other night: 

Young brains need proteins and fats (both of good quality!) in order to grow and develop properly.
Young brains need NUTRIENT DENSE foods - not nutrient empty. 
Nutrient dense foods all come from mother nature - and the food IS the ingredient. Ie: eggs...ingredient is eggs. Spinach...the ingredient is spinach. Fish...ingredient is fish. 
So please read food labels and if it reads like a chemistry report then put it back.
The idea is to cook at home, from scratch (when we can) so that we know exactly what went into the food. Then there are no additives, colourants or preservatives.
Remember that most cereals are stripped of nutrients - the manufacturers then have to add some back in. Most of them are also then coated in sugar. That is NOT healthy food.
Brain boosting breakfast ideas:
·         1 - full cream Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts
·        2 -  scrambled eggs with anything  - chicken, bacon, tuna, cheese, veggies...whatever your child likes!
·        3 -  fish - prepared any way you like. Full of brain-nourishing omega 3's.
Lunchbox ideas:
·         1 - meatballs (preferably homemade)
·        2 -  cheese and veggie or cheese and fruit skewers
·        3 -  leftovers
·       4 -   chicken strips and veggies
·        5 -  hard boiled eggs
·        6 -  crudite veggies with hummus or cream cheese dip
Supper ideas:
·       1- -  deeply nourishing soups and stews - full of vegetables, meat, slow cooked bones
·        2 -  mince - chop and hide veg in it. (cottage pie, spaghetti, etc)
·       3 -   seafood mixed grill
·       4 -   stir-fry (quick and easy)
Healthy treats:
·        1 -  dark chocolate (pref 85%) and whole fruit
·        2 -  hand-made dateballs
·         3 - smoothies that you make at home - beware shop bought ones - usually loaded with sugar.

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