Sunday, December 18, 2016

A night out, restaurant food and dancing.

Last night my darling love and I went out for dinner, and then a bit of a "jol". I am definitely getting a bit too old to "jol" (I love that word, so South African!) but I enjoyed myself.

We went to one restaurant to eat but it was too noisy, so we simply finished our drink, paid, and left. I don't feel shy anymore to move on if I am not enjoying my time. The benefits of getting older! Yay.

We went elsewhere, had a nice meal, and then went to dance. We ended up staying out not too late, we were home at ten thirty, but it was lovely. All round good evening. It's nice every now and then to dress up, put heels on, and focus on your partner.

So yes, I probably ate bad seed oil and I am sure there was some hidden sugars and starches in my meal out even though I ordered it without the starch, but heck, you gotta live.

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