Friday, December 23, 2016

After my one day fast: interesting conclusions

My weight today: 51.1kg.

I haven't regained the 900gms I lost. I thought I would have. I ate yesterday and I didn't restrict myself. Which leads me to conclude that it wasn't all water that I lost. I also at (horror of horror) a few carbs - a few bites of a rich, melty, chocolatey dessert and a few handfuls of popcorn. I even drank yesterday - just two drinks - alcohol.

I still slept well last night. But not as comatose as before.

And this morning my coffee tastes bitter and I don't want it.

I thought that it only tasted bitter or "funny" yesterday morning due to the fact that I had only put very little milk in it, but this morning, I added more milk, and the bitter taste was still there.

The fast may have cured me of my coffee habit! Hooray.

I don't want to eat this morning. So I will fast until I really, really feel like eating.

Interestingly, yesterday I didn't go crazy with food as you would think one would do after a day of no food. I actually enjoyed my food more, didn't want too much and felt satisfied.

So today, seeing as I have only had one tiny sip of coffee, I will not eat. Maybe only supper. Who knows. Or not. But I feel like the fasting has given me back some sense of being in touch with my body.

Biggest lesson: I WON'T die of hunger pangs and they pass very very quickly, within 10 minutes. And when they come back, they are less, not more. The other lesson is that low blood sugar is far worse than simply feeling hungry.

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