Tuesday, December 6, 2016

And THIS is why I should not consume sugar! Reminder to myself.

Tongue thrush!

Yip, it's the white growth thing at the back of my tongue. Disgusting hey?

It hurt too.

So my trip on the boat with all that sugar and my after-boat sugar indulgences have added up to a major boat of tongue thrush. It was a bit painful.

It's clearing up now. I tried the tongue drops but they didn't work at all! Ironically, the tongue drop medication contained...yip...sugar! Crazy hey?

So I took a tablet as well - one of those that kill off all the fungus.

I also have a few extra kgs to get rid of now too.

Eish. I should NEVER have gone back to the sugar side.

Yes it gave me "energy" but it's a false energy.

In all honesty though, I have also been HIGHLY stressed with the renovations and our moving back across into our home. So stress has played a huge role.

Also, too much alcohol on the boat.

I am so over sugar and alcohol. Why I even bother to have the stuff, I don't know. But stress will make you reach for stuff like that to cope.

I just want to get back to eating clean. I will.

I have lost gym motivation now.

My body is changing. Getting older. Looser.

I am not sure I want to compete again. I don't know. I will see.

But for now, no more sugar. I am scared of cramping again, but let's see. I know that I don't have to eat sugar to prevent cramps, just a few natural carbs.

Mostly I need to relax. My body has been so stressed lately. No wonder my weight went up.

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