Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fasted thoughts - day 1

It's now 11 am, and I have only had my morning coffee, and NOTHING else. I am sipping slowly on a can of soda water - the bubbles are nice.

A few things I observed: last night when I got those intense hunger pangs, I then grew cold afterwards. Also, hunger pangs only last a few minutes.

I just had a surge of hunger pangs but they have already passed.

I seem, oddly, more productive today than other days. It seems easier to just get on with things without intrusive food thoughts. My food thoughts are usually around what I will eat, what I did eat, what I am going to make for supper etc. This is freeing in that way.

I also notice how addicted to eating I am, even on low carb. I wake up, nibble, drink two cups of coffee (which is still a form of a snack) then I make breakfast, then I have coffee later...then I eat, then I might have coffee and grab a handful of nuts. Then I force myself to make it through till supper which I's never ending. I often pop a bit of whatever Seth's eating, into my mouth too. He eats often so I am always making or preparing or thinking about food. It's never ending.

I also notice how, if I am productive and busy on LESS food then maybe food in general nowadays is too addictive. I think eating out has become too much of a habit. Food should probably be boring and bland for the most part. Imagine living out on a farm where your farm provides the food - your own eggs, your own milk, your own meat and veggies. It would be the same food over and over. No sugar and salt to make it more exciting. Restaurants and food manufacturers certainly have us all hooked!

It's not easy. I am getting cravings. But they are manageable.

I was queueing in the bank to get a certified proof of my banking details for my late dad's estate, and I was marvelling at how free my mind was, and how clear-headed I felt. Normally I get super irate in a queue, but not this time.

Time seems slower - or rather, there seems MORE of it. Maybe due to the abundance of time when you are not constantly centering your day around food.

I love how much I learn about food, eating and myself when I fast. I am sure I will make it through today. I am feeling good. My calves are a bit crampy - but I FEEL like exercising. Can you believe that? I think I will go for a walk.

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