Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I want to fast

I really am getting convinced by the book I am currently reading, The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr Fung and Jimmy Moore, that I should try an extended fast for health and longevity.

However, my fears/issues are these:

1) My morning cuppa. I LOVE my morning cup of coffee. Technically I am not really meant to have it whilst fasting. I wonder though, if I could do my own version of fasting where I just have that one cup in the morning if I really, really feel like I must. Well, it's MY fast, I can do what I like.

2) Cooking for my family. How am I going to make and prepare food for others when I will NOT be eating? Yikes.

3) I am terrified of cramping. Happened to me before.

Yesterday I ate the leftovers and finished my fancy wine off, so I wouldn't be tempted by those. I had a bad night's sleep last night, so I am going to have a fatty breakfast now to give me energy and to satisfy me and I will start my fast.

I really am just curious. I'd like to also fast BEFORE Christmas day where food will be plenty and we all eat too much.

I imagine that, spiritually, fasting will be interesting.

Today my weight was 51.7kg on my scale in the morning.

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