Thursday, December 1, 2016

Since our 3 night boat cruise...

I have been SO tired. I have been exhausted and flat and tired. I can't get motivated. I don't want to gym. I don't want to do anything.

I haven't been to gym. I have run, so that's something, and I have done push-ups.

Today is Seth's last day at school for the year. My little boy has finished Grade 1! I can't believe it.

On the boat I went cocktail crazy - which spiraled me into a sugar craze - sugar is definitely addictive.

I then ate cake like crazy - at a whole huge piece of Mugg n Bean carrot cake in one sitting - gave myself tongue thrush. Huge white growth on my tongue which I had to get treatment for.


I feel finished. With my dad's death this year, it has thrown me.

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