Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Where my head is at now, nutritionally speaking. And Ann Childers.

Firstly, sorry for not staying with the diet and exercise Fitness Diary. I was going to give it my all, go balls to the wall and try to build muscle and get ripped...well....yeah....no.

This year has been too long, and with the death of my dad this year, I don't know what the heck I was thinking. I don't think I have fully processed that yet. I have had my tears, had my cries, but now and then I still get a weird feeling...a pain, a lump in my throat, and I know that I haven't dealt with it properly.

Anyway, so after the boat cruise, where I ate too much nonsense and drank WAY too many cocktails, I came home a total wreck.

I am still not right. I am sick now, in fact. I got a bad bought of thrush, which I am still battling.

After our housewarming this past weekend, and my friends' Christmas gathering, where carbs were very available, I am not in good shape. I now have a cold as well.

So now I want to go back to a semi-strict low carb diet. Get all that sugar out of my system. And I know I cannot do it whilst cutting back on fat. There is no way. If I go low-fat then I start to crave carbs and sugar. It just happens.

And I am now at an age where I am tired of fighting my body.

I am tired of the struggle to "push" myself. I may want to get back into gym and be keen for all that again next year, but not right now.

So yesterday I watched an EXCELLENT VIDEO by Dr Ann Childers on You Tube. Click on the link and be amazed. Basically it reminded me of why low carb makes SO much sense to me. It really does. There is nothing else that makes such intuitive sense, nutritionally speaking. Carbs really are cheap, nasty garbage.

I traced back in my mind to when I fell of the low carb wagon, and it is definitely the death of my dad. I ate a cupcake at my dad's funeral. And it all went pear-shaped, or sugar shaped, from there. The next day I went out for caramel cheesecake. And on and on. Because my overwhelming thoughts at that time were: "Who cares? I am gonna die anyway. Look at my dad. Just died one day suddenly."

But after three months of this bad attitude, I am sick, I don't feel well, and paying the price now. So I am teaching myself, by my own very bad example, of what sugar and refined carbs do. And let me say something else, sugar is VERY addictive. I am really battling to get off of the sugar train at the moment.

But I will and I must.

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