Thursday, January 5, 2017

A short fast and blood sugar.

Morning blood sugar of 4.8mml - after my first cup of coffee.

Then I didn't eat all morning till right now, just after 12 midday. My blood sugar before eating or drinking: 4.1mml.

I got a hunger surge around breakfast time, but it quickly went away. However, I noticed I became very cold this morning after skipping my meal.

But the coldness dissipated too, after a while. But after about two hours or so, not that soon. I will eat lunch now though.

I do want to do a longer fast, but I am nervous. It's something I need to set my mind to, properly. I also should do it on a hot day so I don't feel the cold as much.

My main observation of my very short morning fast: I feel so clear-headed when I fast. My tummy may be hungry, but my mind is clearer. I feel less tired mentally. I feel invigorated when I feel a little hungry. My digestion is not taking up so much energy and is not feeling under strain.

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