Friday, January 6, 2017

Being tired and CRAVINGS

I did NOT sleep enough last night.

I battled to fall asleep - I think due to the red wine I had (only one and a half glasses) and then, our new puppy started whining at 4:30am this morning and woke me up.

So today, I was SUPER hungry and therefore had MAJOR cravings. Always happens when I don't get enough sleep. I was craving cake!!!!

I didn't eat cake. I ate more of my zero carb foods. So today I have eaten more in volume. I did have some peanut butter but not cake at least.

Take-away point: lack of sleep = cravings!

Our oldest dog has Horner's Syndrome in one eye - the vet can't really say what causes it but it could be a tumour - possible cancer somewhere.

I wonder if fasting our dog would help him?

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