Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Here's a question about insulin first phase

If meat raises insulin more than carbs, why then did my first phase insulin not manage to lower that half a cake I ate at Mugg n Bean?

I don't believe that my insulin response is defective other than it's used to my non-carb diet, so it's not used to handling carbs. But I have never had a glucose problem that I know of, and I remember after the boat cruise, when I tested myself once or twice after eating carbs, my sugar was not sky high. I think one does get used to handling a certain load.

So here is my question: when these videos/studies talk about the insulin index, are they meaning first phase insulin or second phase? Is there a difference in the actions of the two insulins? Do they create the same effect in the body? Is is possible that the higher insulin of beef is referring to the second phase? And is it possible that the first phase is not really needed when eating meat? Well, that's what my gut instinct is telling me anyway. I don't know for sure.

So what is better? To eat some carbs? No carbs? Who knows. Science still doesn't know all these answers, as far as I can tell.

All I can do is critically and honestly assess my own health.

And go by how I feel. And how I perform.

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