Monday, February 13, 2017

Progress pics

Pic on left in pink bikini is Oct 2016. Right pic, turquosie bikini is yesterday, which was 12 March 2017

Left: Oct 2016 progress pic. Right is Feb 2017. 
I share my "progress" pics here because I am going to start training properly again today. I don't know how well I will stick to any diet, but looking at these two pics, I look pretty much exactly the same, even though inbetween I went crazy diet wise, so I don't know that diet changes much for me.

I am simply recording where I am now, and let's see. I'd like more definition in my legs, as they are my "fatty" area.

I don't know if I will compete, I want to, but maybe it's too soon to tell.

I must've unknowingly had sugar yesterday. I say unknowingly, because my partner and I ordered the no sugar added Muggachino's at Mugg n Bean, but I believe the second lot we ordered had sugar in them because I went home with such a sore, inflamed gut. My gut is actually tender this morning. My thrush is still there on my tongue too.

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