Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Good running time and other things

I regularly run a 5km route near our house along the beach - it's a stretch of road that a lot of runners/walker/cyclists use. It's flat and if you park and run to the one end and back it's a neat little 5km.

I usually do it in 32 mins or so. Sometimes 34 mins, sometimes 30 mins. Yesterday I pushed myself and...hooray, I got my time down to 28 mins! 28mins and 30 secs to be exact. I was chuffed. I have been doing a bit more running lately as I have been finding my gym training to be a bit stale lately. I get a bit bored sometimes. And also, with the lovely summer days making an early morning run so pleasant, it's gorgeous to run outside.

I have no idea what I weigh, and I am not doing ANY sort of diet at the moment. I am telling myself that I can have whatever I want. And mentally, that is very very freeing. I then find that I don't want too much junk anyway, but at least, I have removed the guilt element if I do eat something with sugar or something fried.

I went in to work at my husband's business yesterday - I am helping out because the office manager is on two weeks leave. He needs the leave. It's a good feeling to "work" again. I put that in inverted commas because I do work from home illustrating, however, because it's from home, I never feel like I am "going in" to work. Working in my husband's business feels official, like "real" work. And I must say, it feels good. It also feels good to get out of the house and to stretch my brain in a new direction again.

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