Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nitro's leg - Part 1

We recently got a new Amstaff puppy to keep our Frenchie pup company, and to "take over" as our older Amstaff gets on in his years.

Baby Nitro, our Kusa-registered, Micro-chipped, purebred Amstaff pup just a day or two after he arrived. 

How cute is he? Love. 

Even cuter to see three of our dogs all passed out and sleeping together in one big bed. 

The two pups get along so well and love to sleep close to each other. Cuddling in this pic. 
So this little pup has wormed his way into our hearts very quickly. He slotted into the pet family here easily too. Even the cat has shown him she's boss of him, so all was going really well and according to "plan". We felt that our fur-baby collection was pretty much complete now.

But all along, something was just odd about the way this dog sat. I noticed it from day one. He would sit with his right front paw bent at an angle, almost as if he were posing and leaning on this left leg. At first I thought, "Oh how cute," but then I noticed he always sat that way, and I wondered if he had a bad habit of favoring one side. Then, after him being with us three weeks, on a Saturday morning, I said to my husband, "Look how he sits with his paw at a funny angle." My husband thought it looked odd and suggested I take him to the vet. I messaged the breeder straight away, asking if she had any idea what it could be, or if she'd seen such a thing. Almost like a huge twisted wrist is what it looked like he had. She said she had no idea and suggested I take him to the vet. The vet took x-rays and this is what he found. The left image (the pup's right front leg) is the one that is not normal, as you can see. The right image is the normally growing leg. The images are front and side.

So, what happened is this: the one growth plate on the one bone is damaged and that bone is not growing, causing the other bone to curve around it. I asked the breeder for more and she said he did have a wound at birth, which she thinks is from the mom dog's tooth when she bit the birth sack open. So our poor pup was damaged through no fault of his own or of anyone's: just an unfortunate accident. 

The operation to try correct this is complicated and involves 6 weeks at least, recovery, where he can't move around. Not an easy thing for a young pup. But we fell in love and so we have decided to go for it. We can't send him back, even though the breeder was willing to take him back. We just could not say goodbye. Once a dog enters your home and you love it, for even a short while, he becomes your family. 

So yesterday I drove him up to Durban to the specialist, and we went ahead with the operation. He stays there for 2 weeks of kenneling so they can watch him and treat the wounds/bandages and give him medication. The house seems very quite today without him. I am like a mother worrying about her child. This is super emotional and it was a big decision for us to make. An option was to wait until he was fully grown and then amputate, but for such a big/beautiful breed of dog we just couldn't do it. 

Please pray for him if you read this. 

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  1. Ah, I was so sorry to read this! Hope he recovers fully and quickly. Will say a prayer for the little fella x


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