Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blood sugar and wine post

Blood sugar
Yesterday I had a smallish piece of cheesecake out at a coffee shop. I then tested my blood sugar when I got home, and it rose to 9.2 mml/dl. It stayed that high for about an hour or so and then slowly dropped down.

So even though I have been having the odd carb, this rose my blood sugar higher than I expected.

This morning I tested my blood sugar after a piece of toast with butter. The highest it rose to, after 45mins, was 6.3mml/dl. An hour later it was back down to 5.5ml/dl. Which is a very normal blood sugar. The body likes to remain within 4-6mml/dl generally, so it only rose above that very marginally. Phew. So one piece of toast, for me, is not a big deal.

But this just goes to show me how bad SUGAR is. If white toast, which is the most ground up and refined carb you can get, only does that to my blood sugar, but a tiny piece of cheesecake, which didn't even eat the crust of, raises my blood sugar and keeps it so high, then the main difference and culprit is the sugar. I am SO glad I did this little experiment and test. I will continue to test my blood sugar after a whole wide range of foods and drinks. I am seeing that anything with sugar in it is very bad. But carbs - whole oats, for example, or sweet potatoes - don't really raise it that high.

I had two tiny glasses of wine last night to finish off a bottle I had opened a while ago. I find that you can't leave a bottle open for too long else it tastes a bit yuk. Anyway, after not having wine for a good while, I realised how bad it makes me sleep - I battled to sleep nicely the first half of the night, and then this morning I felt puffy and just...not myself. A little irritable, actually. Just shows you, once you clean out your system, and then you re-introduce a toxin, how you feel it's toxic effects more. And it's amazing how quickly you get used to the toxin as well!

I definitely notice that I get a crampy-leg feeling the day after drinking. Drinking is really not good for me. Sometimes it takes pulling back from something to show me what it really is.

So yes, I will still enjoy the odd glass of wine now and then, but I will most certainly cut down.

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