Friday, May 5, 2017

No wine for a month

I must stop drinking wine on the weekends. I don't overdo it, but it's becoming regular: every weekend. I am now starting to rely on the wine to relax. That is NOT good. I need to learn how to relax in my own home without wine.

I never ever thought I'd say that I need to cut back on alcohol but....I do. I love a good red wine, I have to say. I really do enjoy the taste, and savor it's flavour especially with a nice meal out. However, I have started to have a glass here and there, more than I used to, and that's not good. I know it's not good because I have been feeling grumpy the next morning. Foggy. Just generally not good.

So then I watched this video on Youtube and realised that I was generally feeling crap and perhaps, just perhaps, it had to do with my wine drinking. Not excessive by most people's standards, but I realised that perhaps my sleep was suffering, my metabolism and my liver. Small knocks to the body can add up.

So I have cut out wine for just a week and already I feel better. More positive, less snappy and more "myself". I don't say I will never drink again, but I will definitely

I am now in a process with gym where I am "bulking" for a challenge. Very, very scary for me, as a woman, to "bulk". Because obviously, although I don't want to gain fat, in order to put on muscle, I cannot starve myself. I can't cut out carbs or calories - in order to maximize any small bit of muscle growth that I can. And, let me tell you, growing muscle is HARD. The body has it's genetic muscle potential, and to push past that takes either steroids, or working really hard in the gym to push harder than you normally would. You have to activate muscle fibers that don't normally get activated.

So I am fine with pushing hard in the gym, I like it, and that is fun and "easy", mentally, to do. But to eat more food and gain weight...that is not easy. I am not Banting right now. For six weeks, no Banting, no cutting out any foods. It's scary cos I can see I have gained some fat and water weight in a week already. BUT - it's put me ahead in the challenge.

I need to learn to be ok with my body changing and also to be ok with a little extra body fat for now.

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