Friday, December 22, 2017


It was inevitable, I guess....I had to, at least once in my life, consider getting dreadlocks. And that time is now. It just feels right.

I have stopped wearing foundation, for the most part, and am simplifying things, and that is feeling really, really good. I don't use anything nowadays to wash my face with, because I am not wearing make-up, so there is nothing to use a cleanser to wash off for. I mean, I sweat when I run, but a good rinse under the shower washes all that off. It's quite liberating.

Yes, I look a little older, with my skin showing it's marks, but it's OK. The liberating thing is that it's ok to reveal my true face to the world. Sometimes people might say I look haggard, but that's ok. So what? The joy and freedom in NOT doing so much beauty maintenance is SO FREAKIN' FREEING.

Hence the idea of dreadlocks.

Now, I know what your immediate thoughts are: they look dirty, messy, unwashed, weed-smoking hippie etc etc. I kinda thought the same. But upon doing loads of research into them (loads) I have learnt a few things: 1: you can absolutely wash them. And you should. So dreadlocks are simply condensed and compressed hair, which makes a ropey-like thing, but it's still a "fibre" like normal hair, and can be washed and treated as such. The only major CON to dreadlocks, in this scenario, is that they take LONG to dry because the hair is knotted into rope-like structures. But you can use a hairdryer, absolutely.

Dreadlocks can also be started off in a number of ways, which can influence their appearance. They can be started off mechanically, where you section the hair, and then knot up the strands within those sections, to create the start of what will become a mature dreadlock. If you section nicely, then the locs will look neater and more uniform than freeformed dreadlocks. You can also maintain and care for the locs, or just leave them to do their own thing.

The huge PRO's for me, and why I am thinking of getting dreadlocks right now: no need to brush or comb your hair. No need to "acheive" a silky look. No need to use any products on my hair other than the occasional shampoo.

So, what are my personal reasons for wanting dreadlocks?
1: I am going grey, but not very. So the few greys I have look weird in my darker hair, BUT I actually hate dying my hair. I just don't like the dyed hair on my head. It's never natural looking. I hate bleaching my head, even though the colour comes out better that route, it's never ending, constantly having to deal with touching up roots. My thinking is that, because dreadlocks look very earthy, my natural hair colour, with it's greys, will look cool in dreads. It's a way of growing out my natural hair colour.

2: Dreads just look cool. Now this is my personal opinion and of course, many will disagree. They look funky, arty, hippie, alternative and, in my humble opinion, rocking.

Cool looking, right? These are SO beautiful, in my opinion. 
3: They give the illusion and appearance of thick hair. I have extremely fine hair, so this one really appeals to me. Once the locks have matured and knotted up, the "ropes" thicken with the matted hair, and make the wearer look like they have thick hair. This is one reason I did actually like bleaching my hair: it swelled up the hair shaft, making my hair seem thicker. But I hated the drying effects of bleach, which made combing my hair a NIGHTMARE.

4: Instant hairstyles. To me, just dreads alone are a "style", let alone all the styles possible like dread buns, half buns, dreaded plaits, etc. You can decorate them with wool, ropes, beads, jewels, feathers, flowers....all these things are cheap and I can do them ON MY OWN. Which brings me to my next reason....

5: No more trips to the salon. I love my hairdresser, she is the best person in the whole world, I adore her, but I just don't want to go to hairdressers anymore. I am just over it for now. With dreads, there is the initial "dreading" session, which, by the way, I could, in theory do myself, but I won't, so I will go to a professional "loctitian" (yes, bet you didn't know there were actually dedicated dreadlock people, hey? Me either!) to start my dreads, but after the start, there is not very much I need to do. I don't need to go for haircuts. I can colour them if I want, or not. I just have to keep them separated, which is essentially me playing with the dreads, and apparently this is mostly in the beginning. Mostly with dreads, you just gotta leave 'em. Wash 'em, and let them be. HOW AWESOME? I really feel like I need a break and a change with my hair.

6: No brushing. No more fighting tangles. No combs. Not wet hair/dry hair breakage worries.

7: No worrying about wind messing up my hair. This is actually a biggie. I live in a VERY windy coastal town, with the wind constantly whipping my hair in my face and it's annoying AF! It's such a pain in the ass for me that I constantly keep hair ties and banana clips in my bag and car just in case I need to tie my hair up due to the wind.

These were created by the loctitian who will create mine. 

I think this is one of the coolest images I've seen. She looks so earthy and connected to nature. 

8: No hair in the shower/bath drains. This could end up being another big plus for me. My partner is often moaning about all my hair clogging the drains. Actually, it's my hair, plus my conditioner, that clogs up the drains. The conditioners are actually very slimy and don't rinse away. Ugh. I have cleaned many a slimy hairball out of our showers and it's gross.

9: Far less washing. Yes, you can and do wash your dreadlocks. No reason not to. However, you get to choose the frequency, because hair doesn't appear as greasy when it's in rope-like formations.

10: Shampoos are optional: Meaning, I have a friend with dreads who only rinses her out daily, but doesn't actually shampoo then other than once in a while. Makes sense. It's not like we ever needed all these fancy products to begin with, they have simply developed over time. Also, you can use plain shampoos, or even bar soaps for hair, which could work out cheaper.

11: I can just wake up and go. No worrying about kinks in my hair, or weird bed-head when my hair is "supposed" to be straight, because...well....locs are messy! Ta-da! I often take a while to "wake up" in the mornings and I am not very good with primping and preening before school drop-off time, so locs would, I imagine, suit me in this regards. My go-to with my hair now is to just always scrape it back into a ponytail.

So these reasons are what I am thinking I will enjoy about having dreadlocks. I do worry about people's opinions, but then again, I also know that they will soon get over it. They will write me off as "that chic with the crazy hair" or "that girl who can't stop changing her hair". Fine by me. Those who truly know me will get it.

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